Monday, March 16, 2009

Soon to be SUMMER!!!!

Well hello:) I know its spring but I just cant wait till summer!! Its kinda ridiculous that I've already ordered my swim suit. And P.S. At, which has now become "Justice," there is at least 5 Cute 1 piece swimsuits!! Surprising huh!!?? I also can't wait till summer cuz I get to tan! Hallelujah!! Because I am whiter than a ghost!! haha and even though people already don't think I'm Mexican, now they really don't believe me when I say I'm mexican:) But not Brynn because she always looks mexican! Lol And every time i think of Summer, it takes me to high school musical 2 when they're in the drama room and everyone says "Summer! Summer! Summer!" haha well those are just some thoughts about summer even though it's still Spring!

P.S. Aunt Kara I can't wait to swim in your POOL!!!

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