Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well Im sorry that we haven't blogged since Christmas!! BTW this is Kara! We have been ridiculously busy! haha So the boys are in "wrastlin" as we call it! and they have been doing pretty good!! this last weekend, Jake, Drew, and Nate all had tough matches! Jake ended up taking 4th place and Drew took either 6th or 7th, and Nate took 5th I believe! Jake i would say had the toughest match out of the three. It was against this kid who wore a spiderman singlet last wrestling season so since then, to our family, he has been known as "Spidey"!! haha even though he doesn't even wear that singlet anymore!! Lol He and Jake had a GREAT match. they were tied in the last round so they went to sudden death!! whoever scored first won the match. Jake got the take down and won the match!! We all were screaming so loud and made fools of ourselves!! haha but we dont care cuz jake won! and its just too bad that we didnt get any pictures of jake wrestling cuz he wrestles like a PRO!!!!! No lie!! haha he got me in the cradle about ten times this morning!! haha that just means im a wimp!! lol So then after wrestling we went to Chili's! it was good and apparently Drew loved it!! here are some pics of Drew chowin down on some ribs and of the boys wrestling!!

So as You can see Drew and I love RIBS!!!! ha ha
We also scared the PATUTIES out of Geej with the scary lady!! we got 'er good!! ha ha we took her to grandma jill and poppy's house and stuffed her with pillows and blankets and set her on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom! haha geej almost had a HEART ATTACK!!!haha we scared her so bad she cried!! haha                                                          
So the Brinks came over while we were redoing our rooms and Kenzie got into Brynnie's swimsuites!! haha she is soooo cute!! haha                                                         
So here we are at pack meeting when uncle Kelly, the greatest cub scout leader in the world, says were gonna play a game! haha so he tells everyone to tie a balloon to to their ankle and everyone has to step on eachother's balloon!! i know it made me tired!! lol and my dad!! he was out of breath!! can you imagine that!?