Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soccer tournament

This past week we have had many soccer games for our soccer tournament. It was a lot of work, but our team got first place so it was worth it!! And Jakes team got third place and they did good too!!

Wierd Derek lady!!

Well, it was our turn to get someone with this ugly outfit so my mom decided to get Aunt Jen!! That day Aly was coming in to get some teeth pulled so she had her boss ,Derek MacLean, dress up in it!!

Wierd scary doll friend!!

Okay so we have this family game where we trade around this ugly outfit in funny ways!! We weren't originally in the game, but i guess Poppy thought it was time for us to join in on the fun!! So last Thursday, Kara and I get home from school and find this scary doll lady in our parents room!! Pretty funny (even though we all ran out screaming!! ha ha)

Last Saturday, Mom went to the Jason Mraz concert with Aunt Jen while we babysat. So not cool!! But she had a great time and thats lucky for her!! ha ha

About two weeks ago, baby Karsyn Mae Brinkerhoff was born!!! We had soccer practice, of course, so we went after to see her. She is soooo cute and she has a full head of dark hair!! Were not quite sure where she got that from!!:)