Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay...we are really behind on blogging!! But we wanted you to see all the cute pictures anyways so thats why we still uploaded them!! Ha ha so sorry for bein so late, be here are the pictures!!

OHH goodness!!

OHH WOWW!! I'm thinking these girls got pretty crazy!!


These are cute kids on Halloween!! I, Brynn, didn't get to go, but thats okay!! ha ha but yeah they were still cute!!


This is us cute girls before school last thursday. We all dressed up as rockstars and were very cute!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GOrGeoUs girlies:]

Okay so doesn't this picture kinda make you wana cry?? Ha ha!! We are so cute and we all did so good in our choir performance!!


Soo..aren't we just so cute?? This is me(the one kneeling), and then second row left to right it's Danielle, Sage, Kara, and Emilee. The two boys at the top are Kyle and Austin!! 

Karas Birthday Party!!!!

Okay so even this was a long time ago also, you should still know about it!! Ha ha!! wElL..Kara invited her close friends and we all went to the mall and did a scavenger hunt!! It was HEKA fun!! Then we came back to the house and just hung out and ate ice cream..ya know, just normal teenage girl stuff:]
Okay...this was a long time ago!! Anyways..Kara turned 12 like almost a month ago!! Ha ha but for her first mutual, we went to do baptisms for the dead!! The best part is, mom and dad got to come with us!! FUN!!