Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry. Again!!!

Well this is Kara and i just have to say that i am THE WORST BLOGGER EVER!! it all started after Christmas. When i blogged Thanksgiving and Christmas in January... to blogging our new bedrooms a month late when Aunt Stephanie reminded me about them... to now when i haven't blogged since!!!!! Lol well as i write in all my post, I'm just busy!!! Ok. not always. sometimes i just don't to so you see the same stuff for two months. haha so IM SORRY! 
I do have some new things to say though. and it just makes me want to cry! Cool Breeze, my soccer team, we haven't lost a game for i would say about 3 seasons, including indoor. But this is where it all ends. Last Saturday, we had an indoor game against a team called Just Friends. So we came on the field pretty confident! You would have thought we were gonna win all until they take the ball down the field and score. and they didn't do it only once... but twice in the 1st quarter. So you picture girls that are older than us and much bigger. There was also this one girl who made me, and my dad, very angry. She would come up to me and ram her whole body, elbows included, into my sides! OUCH!! And of course after a couple times of the reff not saying anything, what did i do? I rammed her back!! haha I'm so mean! but you don't  push me or you will unexpectedly get somethin' back! haha So this one time I was going down the field, I saw the girl coming toward me, i decided to kick the ball past her, thought i could get around her.... then BBBAAAAMMMMM!!!! I'm slammed into the wall! That made me furious!! So i gave her a dirty look, walked away, she smiled as she walked to the reff's box, my dad yelled at her that it wasn't funny, and we got a free kick!! But still we lost!!!! 6 to 4. Ridiculous. So thats my sad story! Cool Breeze lost their first game in three seasons!