Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sorry I Forgot!!

Sorry I keep forgetting to write stuff!! ha ha and our Christmas posts are all out of order and I have no idea how to fix them! plus I'm getting a head ache and don't even feel like trying!! ha ha well I forgot to say that we all got new bed spreads!! Me and Brynn are sharing the same room and we are very excited!! Jake is now in my room downstairs and Drew has Brynn's room!! Here are some pics of the bed spreads:)

And sorry its upside down!! aaaahhh this thing is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!! and now jakes picture wont load so you'll just have to come over and see it!!!

Christmas Eve!!!

On Christmas eve we went to Grandma Jill & Poopy's house. It was fun seeing everyone together!! We started a new thing where everyone picks a name and that is the person that they have to give a present to. This year was very peaceful not having to carry so many presents and the little kids didn't keep going over to Grandma saying "Where's my other present?'' But we all had a fun time:) First we had a wonderful dinner, then we just kinda sat around and talked, then Grandma read us a story about the true meaning of Christmas, and then we gave and opened presents,  then whoever wanted root beer floats got one, and then we went home!! it was a FUN night!!! we all slept together in  Brynn's room!! BTW I don't have the pictures from grandmas house so thats why I'm just explaining everything. ha ha and this is kara:) so then we woke up and had a GREAT time the next morining!!
Brynn loves our piano!!!! ha ha

The boys both got RED RYDER CARBINES!!!! ha ha the ones that ralphy wanted in the movie "A Christmas Story" lol they were sooooooo excited:)

Christmas Day with the Bowdens!!

Well this Christmas has been kinda different. But good different. It just didn't seem like Christmas til it actually was Christmas. But it just wasn't the same. Like we didn't decorate the tree together as a family, we didn't go caroling like we always do, and people didn't even get Christmas cuz people were losing their jobs. But the Christmas spirit finally started to kick in on Christmas eve!!! ha ha we had a fun time with the family!! here are some pics:)

Dad got an iPhone and Brynn and I got some clothes.  As my mom, aunt Jenna and Poopy call it, "My dad joined the CLub!!" The iPhone club! ha ha they say that my mom is the President, Poopy is the V.P., and Jenna is the Secretary!! ha ha! Oh and don't forget about mom!! She got LOADS of clothes!!!!! And a bunch of running stuff.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are you guys married?

So Brynn, and Danielle, and I, were baby sitting the Brinkerhoffs and the Iversons yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we had some good times:) So it comes time for dinner and Brynn, Rylee Iverson, Kenzie Brinkerhoff, and I were in the kitchen. I was cooking mac & cheese and brynn was doing the dishes or something like that. And Kenzie and Rylee were eating their dinner. So then Kenzie says, "Brynnie how old are you?" and Brynn says 13. Then she says "Kara how old are you? and I say 12. And she opened her mouth like I was so old!! Then she goes  "Are you guys married? ha ha Brynn and I started l laughing so hard!! Kenzie, she is toot bum!!! lol

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here is dad and drew sitting by the tree while mom decorates it! well i think it was really late and thats why they look so tired!! :)

Decorating the Tree!!!

Here is my mom decorating the Christmas tree!! The lights on the top of our tree don't work so my mom got a light strand and wrapped it around the top. :) This Christmas has been kinda weird. It seems different than all the other Christmases that we've had cuz like my mom was the only one who decorated the house, and just stuff like that!! But we didn't forget the EGG NOG!!!!!! and hallelujah!!! I am the only one in my family that really likes egg nog!! I think it's DELICIOUS!!! ha ha

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here is Jenna and Kara doing the pies!! They are very serious about making these pies look DELICIOUS!!!!! ha ha jk
Here is Morgan and Brynn being NERDS while i was going around with the camera!!!! ha ha

Well this Thanksgiving was GREAT!!! BTW this is kara. So we went to aunt karas house and we were supposed to swim but it rained so that didn't happen!! ha ha well here are some pics from Thanksgiving!!! :)

And here is uncle Daryl cutting the turkey!!!!! ha ha

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soccer tournament

This past week we have had many soccer games for our soccer tournament. It was a lot of work, but our team got first place so it was worth it!! And Jakes team got third place and they did good too!!

Wierd Derek lady!!

Well, it was our turn to get someone with this ugly outfit so my mom decided to get Aunt Jen!! That day Aly was coming in to get some teeth pulled so she had her boss ,Derek MacLean, dress up in it!!

Wierd scary doll friend!!

Okay so we have this family game where we trade around this ugly outfit in funny ways!! We weren't originally in the game, but i guess Poppy thought it was time for us to join in on the fun!! So last Thursday, Kara and I get home from school and find this scary doll lady in our parents room!! Pretty funny (even though we all ran out screaming!! ha ha)

Last Saturday, Mom went to the Jason Mraz concert with Aunt Jen while we babysat. So not cool!! But she had a great time and thats lucky for her!! ha ha

About two weeks ago, baby Karsyn Mae Brinkerhoff was born!!! We had soccer practice, of course, so we went after to see her. She is soooo cute and she has a full head of dark hair!! Were not quite sure where she got that from!!:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay...we are really behind on blogging!! But we wanted you to see all the cute pictures anyways so thats why we still uploaded them!! Ha ha so sorry for bein so late, be here are the pictures!!

OHH goodness!!

OHH WOWW!! I'm thinking these girls got pretty crazy!!


These are cute kids on Halloween!! I, Brynn, didn't get to go, but thats okay!! ha ha but yeah they were still cute!!


This is us cute girls before school last thursday. We all dressed up as rockstars and were very cute!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GOrGeoUs girlies:]

Okay so doesn't this picture kinda make you wana cry?? Ha ha!! We are so cute and we all did so good in our choir performance!!


Soo..aren't we just so cute?? This is me(the one kneeling), and then second row left to right it's Danielle, Sage, Kara, and Emilee. The two boys at the top are Kyle and Austin!! 

Karas Birthday Party!!!!

Okay so even this was a long time ago also, you should still know about it!! Ha ha!! wElL..Kara invited her close friends and we all went to the mall and did a scavenger hunt!! It was HEKA fun!! Then we came back to the house and just hung out and ate ice cream..ya know, just normal teenage girl stuff:]
Okay...this was a long time ago!! Anyways..Kara turned 12 like almost a month ago!! Ha ha but for her first mutual, we went to do baptisms for the dead!! The best part is, mom and dad got to come with us!! FUN!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is a picture of our baby Roona!! My moms friend Cameo from work gave us this Halloween dress thing for her. Its so cute on her!!
This was last sunday during general conference. Me, Kara, Jake, Mom, and Dad were sitting watching conference and all the sudden we here someone crying. We turn around to see Drew limping toward the TV. We found out he fell in a broken laundry basket!! It was pretty funny!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Before the homecoming game!!!!

This is a picture of me, Brynn, and my best friend Emilee!! We had just finished getting ready for the homecoming game for LVHS and we look so cute!! Ha ha!!

Going Private!!!

Hello everyone who has seen our blog. We are making our blog private so if you would still like to view our blog, then you can email us your email address at and we can add you to see our blog. OR you can write it in a comment. Thanks!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


oh dad. ha ha heres dad just watchin the race. ha ha carla took his picture when he was making his funny face! ha ha

The Big kids

Well these are all the big kids that went to the race. Im sure everyone who went would say it was a lot of fun! This is Ryan, Ben, Danielle, me, and then Brynn.


ha ha this picture cracks me up!! If you havent seen mine and danielle and brynns retard act, you need to! ha ha this is at the race and Aaron was Being Mr. Photographer and taken pictures of everyone!


Look how cute!!! We went to the truck races at NASCAR last Saturday. We took the Ruesches and the Floyds. We had a blast!! In this picture it was after we had gone down to the bottom close to the cars. It got so stinky and loud but we still had a fun time. Here is Brynn, Danielle, and me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

show choir partners!!!

Well this school year has already been so fun!! We are all so excited about being at the same school. We also made the Solid Sound Show Choir! ha ha we got our partners this tuesday. Mine is..... Austin Page! I was pretty excited because I got a good partner. And so was Brynn. Her partner is......Paul Swenson! ha ha brynn has a little sixth grade partner!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heres me and my best friend, other than brynn, Danielle. We are at the Happiest place on Earth!! ha ha AKA Disneyland!! We are the biggest nerds.

Mom & Dad

well since our parents are way too busy, my sister and I decided to blog for them. Here are my parents last easter. ha ha

First day of school for jake and drew!!!

Jake is now in 3rd grade and Drew is in 1st. They are so excited!!!

First day of school for brynn and kara!!!

Well as you all probably know, my dad is the new AP at harney. Everyone is so excited. Here is me and brynn, danielle, mackenzie, and maelle. Danielle and Mackenzie and I were so excited for 6th grade!! Brynn and Maelle were so excited too. :)

big night at the SKINKA!!

while the parents were all out on date, the big girls baby sat ALL the Horton grankids. we all fell asleep!!