Saturday, September 27, 2008


oh dad. ha ha heres dad just watchin the race. ha ha carla took his picture when he was making his funny face! ha ha

The Big kids

Well these are all the big kids that went to the race. Im sure everyone who went would say it was a lot of fun! This is Ryan, Ben, Danielle, me, and then Brynn.


ha ha this picture cracks me up!! If you havent seen mine and danielle and brynns retard act, you need to! ha ha this is at the race and Aaron was Being Mr. Photographer and taken pictures of everyone!


Look how cute!!! We went to the truck races at NASCAR last Saturday. We took the Ruesches and the Floyds. We had a blast!! In this picture it was after we had gone down to the bottom close to the cars. It got so stinky and loud but we still had a fun time. Here is Brynn, Danielle, and me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

show choir partners!!!

Well this school year has already been so fun!! We are all so excited about being at the same school. We also made the Solid Sound Show Choir! ha ha we got our partners this tuesday. Mine is..... Austin Page! I was pretty excited because I got a good partner. And so was Brynn. Her partner is......Paul Swenson! ha ha brynn has a little sixth grade partner!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heres me and my best friend, other than brynn, Danielle. We are at the Happiest place on Earth!! ha ha AKA Disneyland!! We are the biggest nerds.

Mom & Dad

well since our parents are way too busy, my sister and I decided to blog for them. Here are my parents last easter. ha ha

First day of school for jake and drew!!!

Jake is now in 3rd grade and Drew is in 1st. They are so excited!!!

First day of school for brynn and kara!!!

Well as you all probably know, my dad is the new AP at harney. Everyone is so excited. Here is me and brynn, danielle, mackenzie, and maelle. Danielle and Mackenzie and I were so excited for 6th grade!! Brynn and Maelle were so excited too. :)

big night at the SKINKA!!

while the parents were all out on date, the big girls baby sat ALL the Horton grankids. we all fell asleep!!