Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve!!!

On Christmas eve we went to Grandma Jill & Poopy's house. It was fun seeing everyone together!! We started a new thing where everyone picks a name and that is the person that they have to give a present to. This year was very peaceful not having to carry so many presents and the little kids didn't keep going over to Grandma saying "Where's my other present?'' But we all had a fun time:) First we had a wonderful dinner, then we just kinda sat around and talked, then Grandma read us a story about the true meaning of Christmas, and then we gave and opened presents,  then whoever wanted root beer floats got one, and then we went home!! it was a FUN night!!! we all slept together in  Brynn's room!! BTW I don't have the pictures from grandmas house so thats why I'm just explaining everything. ha ha and this is kara:) so then we woke up and had a GREAT time the next morining!!

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