Monday, March 16, 2009

The break Down!

Ok so i had my last indoor soccer game this last Saturday and brynn couldn't play because she injured her ankle in our outdoor game. So we get to driving and i realize i don't have my indoor shoes and remember that they are in my P.E. locker. So my dad drives us up to the school and i got them. but we had to turn the alarm back on. And of course it wouldn't turn on. So it put us about ten minutes behind. We would probably be on time to the game. So we finally set the alarm and leave the school. Then were driving on the freeway and like maybe half a mile before the Summerlin Parkway ramp exit we start hearing this weird banging noise! I thought it was the car across from us and so i start making fun of that car and they were looking at our car! so then we keep driving and i realize it was our car! haha that's what i get for laughing! so were almost off the ramp when smoke starts cumin out of the front of our car!! and were bumping down the road and my dad pulled over! we were lucky enough to see the Crowley's who were also goiong to the indoor soccer place. but they were on the opposite side of the freeway! So that put us behind schedule about 5 to 7 minutes. It took us FOREVER to cross the freeway! So then we safely got to my soccer game and beat the She daisies! i mean She devils AGAIN!!!!! haha my dad always calls them the she daisies!! lol well good bye:)

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